Not just a depth of field calculator, a great companion for location recce's and onset...helps determine shooting angles, lens lengths, plotting camera and lamp positions and of course DOF.

Depth of Field Calculator and Circle of Confusion Generator 

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Other than the available lamp presets in the DOF (Arri T, D and L series lamps), knowing the beam angle of a lamp allows you to use the App to help determine lamp positions...see below list of lamp beam angles.

How it works!...If you set a lens focal length in the DOF with a resulting AOV H that matches the lamp beam angle, you can then use the AOV H graphic display to help plot lamp position or.... use the FOV info to determine beam spread over a distance set by the focus setting/lamp to subject distance.

e.g. In the DOF:

Select 'Full Frame' in the camera menu,

Set the focal length to '36.1'mm 

Set the FStop to an arbitrary number, '8' for instance, as this number has no influence over FOV or AOV info.

Set focus at the intended distance of your lamp from subject 10ft? and select 'Meters' or 'Feet'.

Pressing Calculate...AOV H displays a 53 degree angle!..The beam angle of an Arri T1 when set to flood!

The App displays the spread of the lamp beam in the corresponding FOV!

Lamp beam angle corresponding lens focal length setting:

      Arri 150w,                    beam angle 44 degrees =                                       focal length    44.56

      Arri 650w,                    beam angle 54 degrees =                                        focal length    35.30

      Arri T1,                          beam angle 53 degrees =                                        focal length    36.1

      Arri T2,                          beam angle 56 degrees =                                        focal length    44.55

      Arri T5,                          beam angle 51 degrees =                                        focal length    37.71

      Arri L5,                          beam angle 50 degrees =                                        focal length    38.6

      Arri L7,                          beam angle 49 degrees =                                        focal length    39.49

      Arri L10,                       beam angle 50 degrees =                                         focal length    38.6

      Arri SKY Panel s120 (intensifier) Beam ANgle 85 Degrees =        Focal length     19.64

      Arri sky panel s60 (intensifier) beam angle 71 degrees =           focal length     25.21

      Arri SKY panel S30 (intensifier) beam angle 72 degrees =           focal length     24.77

      Arri D12 HMI Beam angle 50 degrees =                                                      focal length     38.6

      Arri D25 HMI beam angle 59 degrees =                                                      focal length     31.8

      Arri D4 HMI beam angle 61 degrees =                                                         focal length    30.55

      Arri d5 HMI beam angle 56 degrees =                                                         focal length     44.55

Source: Arri Photometric Calculator

Use the IOS Zoom function to increase display size by 200%

To enable Zoom, tap 'Settings', 'General' and 'Accessibility', Tap 'Zoom' and slide to turn the feature on.

Simply tap 'Three fingers' on your screen to enable ZOOM, drag the screen with three fingers to navigate around the screen. (This function is especially useful when referring to the Graphical AOVH display for Lens and Lamp angle coverage)

FOV & AOV?...see info page.

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              Custom Circle of Confusion Input

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              Under Water Function (flat port)

              Circle of Confusion Generator

              AOV Display and Dynamic AOV H Graphic

              FOV NumericDisplay 

             Fully Customisable Colour Display.

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